Mandate / Vision and Mission in General:

1. Assessment of environment and environmental degradation at the rural and urban level and to generate the awareness among the local inhabitants.

2. Study and assessment of the effects of climate change, global warming and urbanization on environment and biodiversity.

3. To develop awareness among the people about importance of water and the concept “Water is Life”. Also search of tools for water Sense and techniques such as water recharging and recycling techniques

4. To aware the peoples about the fluorosis and side effects of use of fluoride rich water and provide them information regarding to de fluorination techniques of water.

5. Conduct the awareness activities about the water and air born bacterial and other diseases and also about their precautions and preventions among the Urban and remote rural inhabitants.

6. Organize the plantations activities for environmental safety and pollution reduction and to inform people about the importance of Medicinal plants.

7. Assessment of Animal Biodiversity in some important habitats. To evaluate current status and recent threats on Biodiversity. To develop awareness among people about importance of Biodiversity and means to its conservation particularly the endangered and threatened species.

8. To remove myths of danger about certain animal species and to develop love, care and welfare for animals among people.

9. To develop new techniques of animal replacement and awareness among the students, teachers and education policy about the use of alternatives for animal use in teaching, research and testing.

10. Assessment of habitat loss and impact on Biodiversity and to develop awareness for the protection and reintroduction of habitats in the affected areas

To participate and organizing Conference, Seminars, Workshops, training programmes, distribution of pamphlets, publication of scientific reports, Internet based communication of information’s, poster and quiz competition etc. to develop awareness about the issues related to Environment and Animal Welfare.