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4th Annual Save The Frogs Day April 28, 2012

Save the Frogs on earth is our mission, protection and restoration of feeding and breeding ground of frogs is our action. Volunteers of Save Environment and Welfare of Animals (SEWA) society have been working with full enthusiasm and dedication to stop decline trend of frog's population in some extreme habitats in western parts of India. Save the Frogs day i.e. 28th April 2012 shall be organized to develop awareness in people of all the age groups. The 2011 Save the frogs day was a success story and volunteers protected frogs from road accidents during the monsoon (June-July, 2011). Those breeding grounds receiving fertilizers and pesticides due to indiscriminate use in agriculture fields were greatly reduced in the preceding monsoon and saved frogs population from mortality and deformity.

Save the Frogs day 2012 shall include the following events:

1. Restoration of breeding grounds of frogs in Kayad, Makarwali villages in Ajmer District, Nimod, Deedwana in Nagaur districts. We have constituted teams for this activity.

2. Awareness about Frogs conservation by poster display, cards distribution, quiz, street drama Kayad, Makarwali villages in Ajmer District, Nimod, Deedwana in Nagaur districts.

3. Seminar on save the frogs for the village representatives, students and Frog volunteers in the seminar Hall of Zoology Department of M.D.S. University, Ajmer campus.

4. Stickers and Banners on the prospective road sides where frogs meet accidents during breeding seasons.

For further details contact: Vivek Sharma, Secretary of Save Environment and Welfare of Animals can be contacted on the following e-mail address



 Those who are concerned with environment safety should join hands with us in folowing areas the major categories of the events:

  1. Environment Impact Assessment:
  2. Environment Planning:
  3. Environment Discussion Forum:
  4. Biodiversity Assessment:
  5. General Awareness on Environmental Issues:
  6. Plantation Activities:
  7. Habitat Restoration:
  8. Animal Welfare


    Submit proposals for the event you want to celebrate in your area on the following format at and confirm the event on telephone to Mr. S. Vivek (08764051370) before 30th June 2012. The best event shall be awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 1000/- and a citation with appreciation certificate.  

    (i)   Name of the Institution:

    (ii)  Name of the organizer:

    (iii) Summary of the event proposed in 100 words:

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